Barbara Andre

New York City Based Abstract Spray Paint Artist



Solely producing abstract art (paintings and installations), Barbara Andre has always signed her works on all angles possible….. thus to put emphasis on the concept that art does not have a singular expression, nor perception there of. Related to the famous impressionist painter Paul Gauguin, her 3x great grand uncle, Barbara has been an active artist since adolescence. Quickly finding her passion for abstract art, Barbara decided not to attend art school because of her conflicting view that the expression of ones self need not be taught if in the abstract form.

Born and raised in California, Barbara moved to New York in 2000 where she had her 1st art show only a few months later. She continued to show in NYC through private agents until she joined the non-profit organization “Legros Cultural Art” in 2009. Cardboard, wood, plexi glass and masonite have been constant materials of choice for Barbara’s installations, while her medium for painting has vacillated from acrylics to her current use of spray paint.